Replacing HV Assets

Water Pump Station Mooney Mooney

Private High Voltage Networks


Gosford City Council


$1.7 million


Replacing high voltage assets at raw water pump stations. RCR subcontracted Syscon to perform a range of works at the Mooney Mooney raw water pump stations including the following highlights.

Project Highlights

  • Preparation of WHSMP, RMP and QMP and SWMS.
  • Installation of 2 x 11/3.3kV 2 MVA transformers.
  • Installation of the 11kV Main Switch Board.
  • Installation of the 3.3kV MCC.
  • Installation of the 11/0.433kV 250kVA kiosk transformers.
  • Install 3.3kV cables from the MCC to the HV motors.
  • Install all conduits in the yard.
  • Perform all HV joints and terminations.
  • Install conduits and pits from yard to pump house.
  • Install yard lightning.
  • Install Lightning Protection in the yard.
  • Augment the earthing system.
  • Install a 60KVA standby generator and controls.
  • Connect all existing field devices to new PLC I/O racks.
  • Install the new Ausgrid Point of Supply (ASP1 works).
  • Provide site acceptance testing assistance.